Ibiza Bus Iphone & Android App

Ibiza Bus is your Ibiza guide to all the timetables, routes, stops, maps, disco bus & ferries. All of the information apart from the maps is available offline so you don’t need wifi or need to use data roaming.

It also features your nearest bus stops, nearest points of interest and takes into account fiesta days (holidays). You can also save your favourite routes for easy access.

  • The beaches section has details of every beach on the island (all 80 odd) and the nearest bus stop.
  • Specific route listings for the Airport, Hospital, Beach only routes and a search function.
  • The Disco Bus section also enables you to see which clubs are on which route, and details of each of the clubs.
  • A local weather page with todays weather, the 3 hourly forecast and a 4 day forecast.
  • Add a specific bus time to your calendar with an alarm and notes